GTO Membership Benefits & FAQ

GTO Membership Benefits

GTO is an Established Global Logistics Network

Membership in GTO is an opportunity to participate in an excellent and well managed global logistics network founded in 1997. GTO has a membership turnover record of less than one percent (1%) annually since 1997. GTO Member companies have a long term view as they know it takes effort and time to build mutually rewarding agency relationships with other members of the GTO Network.

Access to Outstanding and Qualified Logistics Agents

Since 1997, GTO Headquarters and the GTO Board of Directors have maintained a very firm policy and practice of approving companies for GTO membership only if they have extensive knowledge and experience in their individual markets. The goal of GTO from the beginning has always been to secure companies for membership in GTO with local expertise but with a global view. Each GTO Member company has an excellent reputation, proven business credentials and performance histories demonstrating their service capabilities.

GTO Member companies hold membership in GTO as each of them desire to work closely with other dependable and honest agents worldwide that have a positive interest in pursuing new markets or expanding existing markets. Access to GTO Member companies is only a click away in the GTO Membership Directory.

Global Coverage of the GTO Network

Membership in GTO provides immediate access to highly qualified and very experienced international logistics agents spanning the globe in over 140 countries and hundreds of cities worldwide. There are 193 countries in the world today. GTO management is always committed to a firm goal of securing qualified members in virtually any country or location where international commercial activity is taking place.

If cargo is moving to and from a given country or to and from a given city, GTO wants to have a qualified member in the location. Long term, the management of GTO envisions qualified GTO Member companies in over 1,000 cities worldwide. We want all types of cargo feeding into the “GTO Global System“ that is known worldwide as the GTO Network. GTO Headquarters is relentless in our global pursuit of qualified companies in both mainstream locations and unusual locations.

Annual GTO World Conferences

GTO has had the pleasure of organizing and holding Annual GTO World Conferences in interesting and enjoyable places throughout the world to the benefit of the GTO membership. Over the years we have been most delighted to observe our GTO Members joining together in many exciting locations as they strengthen their relationships or begin new relationships. The one-on-one meetings between GTO Member representatives in the Annual GTO World Conferences is at times the most rewarding part of everything management of GTO does to ensure we are truly successful on a long term basis. It is always more than business partners meeting with one another each year. It is also friends meeting with old friends and making new friends.

Exposure to New Services & Business Opportunities

International logistics is constantly evolving and changing in ways that could not be imagined 30 years ago or 20 years ago or even 10 years ago. The Internet has been one of the main reasons the industry has changed. The many changes with air carriers, ocean carriers and international supply chains have also contributed to numerous changes in the forwarding or international logistics industry.

In the “old days“ of freight forwarding (now called “international logistics"), a freight forwarder handled virtually any type of cargo for both import and export and by any mode of transportation. There were less rules and regulations for moving cargo and the options were limited. There are still freight forwarders working hard to handle just about any type of cargo. However, some forwarders have moved away from handling ALL types of cargo or shipments and, at the same time, have move toward developing “specialized services“.

The tendency of many forwarders to begin offering specialized services happened for several reasons. One reason is the simple fact forwarders decided to pursue unique markets of clientele requiring such services. In addition, forwarders began realizing the costs and time to properly train key staff to handle special cargo. Last but not least, air and ocean carriers and other vendors began introducing new handling requirements for special cargo that varied depending upon the type of cargo.

Within the GTO Network, we have many GTO Member companies regarded as experts with a wide variety of specialized services. Such specialized service areas existing throughout the network include but are not limited to air charters, ship’s spares, HazMat / DG cargo. pharma storage and distribution, aerospace projects, 24/7 express for aircraft parts, oil & gas equipment, fresh produce, vehicles and all types of rolling stock, all types of alcoholic beverages, tobacco, ship charters, firearms and ammunition, fresh flowers, household goods and personal effects, live animals / pet transport, unaccompanied baggage, race cars, entertainment cargo, ISO tank cargo, bagged and bulk chemicals, e-commerce, small and large projects of all types of cargo, air / sea refrigerated cargoes, all types of food products, wearing apparel and a virtually unlimited list of others types of cargo.

Becoming a member of GTO and establishing relationships with other GTO Member companies with specialized services is a way for your company to explore the possibilities of expanding the service capabilities of your own company. Become a member of GTO and connect with other GTO Member companies with specialized services to explore new possibilities for your company. All GTO Member company profiles include a detailed list of all regular and specialized services available in each case.

Generating New Revenue / Profits

GTO Member companies throughout the world have demonstrated their interests over the years in routing air / sea cargo as a means of creating new sources of revenue.

The management of GTO co-founded two other networks over the years before creating Global Transport Organization (GTO) in 1997. We have over 30 years of experience in managing and operating global logistics networks.

There is one mistake we have repeatedly observed in connection with forwarding companies joining global logistics networks. Forwarding companies frequently join a network (any network) and then “sit back“ and wait for the new business to suddenly appear. Perhaps some new business does appear that way from time to time. In GTO, we take a different approach. We encourage GTO Member companies to take the cargo they control and create or generate new revenue. If your company is a customs broker or has access to import cargo, make every effort to gain control of the routing on your inbound cargo. If your import customer is purchasing on a CIF or C&F basis, ask your import customer to allow your company to quote on the transportation from the point of origin to your location. Contact a GTO Member in the origin location and request a quote and develop a selling rate. Very often, it may be competitive to the point your company can gain control of the inbound routing. Share transportation profits with the origin GTO Member and a good and mutually rewarding relationship can begin. Gaining control of inbound routing can be very profitable. That is particularly true when it involves air freight and / or repetitive business.

Get to know your GTO Member agents as your company begins to work with them. Ask them if they have other cargo originating from your location. Think about the possibility of opening regular service from your location to the location of a reliable GTO Member company. Give thought to discussing a simple mutual sales brochure with another GTO Member company with whom your company develops a good working relationship. Over the years, we have observed the development of many such relationships that began with a few kilos of cargo and now involve a steady flow of cargo.

It is important to look at fellow GTO Member companies basically as your branch offices. Membership in GTO gives your company global service capabilities. When becoming a member of the GTO Network, don’t sit and wait for the business to develop. Take advantage of having direct access to excellent agent offices throughout the world that are interested in representing your company to allow the pursuit of growth of your company.

Access to the GTO Name and Logo

As previously mentioned, GTO was created in 1997. The founders and management of GTO have blanketed the world with the GTO name and logo. Most GTO Members companies include a reference to membership in GTO in their websites their employees include the GTO logo in their emails. It is very common. In addition, GTO Member companies often include the GTO name and logo in all or most of their sales materials. Doing so alerts clients and potential clients of the fact they can perform on a global basis as they are capable of providing whatever logistics services may be needed on a worldwide basis.

Access to GTO Membership Programs and GTO Approved Vendors

The GTO Board of Directors is actively planning the development of future programs that shall be designed purely to benefit the worldwide membership of GTO. GTO Headquarters shall be communicating with GTO Members in the future to conduct surveys with regard to the degree of interest in certain programs. As always, every action taken by the GTO Board of Directors is designed to protect the interests of our valued GTO Members.

GTO Headquarters shall also be negotiating with a number of potential vendors that have products and / or services deemed to be beneficial to GTO Member companies. All information shall appear within the GTO website and GTO NEWS.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does GTO have a newsletter circulated to all GTO Members?

GTO regularly broadcasts GTO NEWS to all GTO Members. The newsletter contains information concerning new GTO Members, any changes with existing GTO Members, announcements of new service(s) of GTO Members, holidays and other information.

Companies joining GTO are automatically placed on the list to receive the GTO NEWS broadcast. GTO Member companies may have GTO NEWS sent to their staff, if desired, and need only to provide the name of the person and the appropriate email address. Such requests should be directed to when convenient

All GTO Member companies are also encouraged to send information to GTO Headquarters to have it appear in GTO NEWS. Sharing information in GTO NEWS about your company is an excellent way to allow all other GTO Members to become familiar with your company on a worldwide basis. GTO NEWS always includes photos if they are made available.

Can GTO Members recommend their agents for membership in GTO?

A number of GTO Member companies became members as they were recommended by existing GTO Members. Such recommendations are welcomed as it allows GTO Headquarters to have a more complete overview of the GTO membership applicant. If the applicant is recommended, we also know it is going to provide additional strength to the GTO Network if the applicant is approved. Do not hesitate to recommend your dependable and reliable agents for membership in the GTO Network.