GTO History & Overview

The GTO Family Does it All

The level of logistics experience, knowledge and expertise throughout the GTO Network is exceptional. The GTO Family includes GTO Member companies worldwide with proven expertise in handling projects of all sizes:

  • DG / HazMat Cargo,
  • Pharma Distribution,
  • ECommerce Systems,
  • Food Products,
  • Radioactive Materials,
  • All types of Vehicles and Rolling Stock,
  • Air Charters,
  • Ship’s Spares,
  • 24/7 Express Cargo,
  • Oil & Gas and other Energy Products,
  • Ship Charters,
  • Pets and Live Animals,
  • Entertainment Cargoes,
  • Healthcare and Medical Equipments,
  • Construction Materials


A virtually endless list of other types of services and cargo. Virtually any type of cargo that has been moved via aircraft, ships and trucks to and from points worldwide has been handled by members of the GTO Network.

The GTO Family

The GTO Family is a global network where GTO Member companies have become business associates and partners. But very often, the owners, management and staff of GTO Member companies have also become good friends since we began in 1997. There are many reasons a large number of GTO Member companies took it upon themselves to begin referring to GTO as "The GTO Family".

Worldwide integrity, dependability, efficiency, professionalism, massive experience, knowledge and trust are some of the very important ingredients producing the tremendous volume of success of the GTO Network over the years.


GTO Responsibility


Each GTO Member company is carefully vetted to ensure the company is capable of responding to the very high standards for performance and honesty as required by the GTO Board of Directors.

All GTO Member companies are continually evaluated to ensure they are in compliance with the GTO Membership Rules, with regard to professional performance, communications and timely meeting financial responsibilities.

Every GTO Member company possesses all required local and national licenses and permits in accordance with existing governmental regulations.

GTO Retention


Many GTO Member companies have held membership in the GTO Network almost from the beginning in 1997. A growing number of GTO Member companies are in their second or third generation of management since becoming a member of the GTO Network.

The level of close co-operation between members of GTO is extremely high and constantly increasing. GTO Member companies frequently work together as teams to pursue the business of multinational exporters and importers.

Depending upon one another basically as branch offices is a common experience within the GTO Network.

The GTO Board of Directors seeks companies for membership in the GTO Network ONLY if they have a long term view as it takes effort and time to build relationships.


GTO was created for the present and the future with a very long term view as we embrace and support the constantly changing environment of international logistics.