Vendor Programs

GTO Approved Vendor Program

The GTO Board of Directors shall from time to time review and approve vendors that have services and / or products available that may be beneficial to members of the GTO Network. There are several goals involved with this program.
One goal is to assist GTO Members with their service capabilities and company operations by introducing such vendors. Another goal is to gradually increase the volume of business between a GTO Approved Vendor and the membership of GTO to ensure the highest level of service is made available with the most competitive rates or costs. This is, in part, an experiment on the collective buying power of the membership of GTO. GTO Members are obviously invited to introduce potential vendors to be considered for this program.

Debt Recovery / Collection Services

Logistic Support Services Co., Ltd.
111/270 Soi Lasalle 32,
Lasalle Road, Bangna
Bangkok 10260 Thailand.

Mr. Peter van Vliet

Forwarders Debt Recovery Services (FDRS) is dedicated to assisting freight forwarders in connection with collecting debts outstanding with other freight forwarders in 185 countries worldwide. Their services will be available to GTO Members at a reduced rate to pursue outstanding debts with forwarders that are not members of GTO. Their website provides a step-by-step explanation of the collection procedures. They also have a newsletter and GTO Members may register for the newsletter in the FDRS website. The are presently affiliated with 100+ global logistics networks.



49 Stevenson Street,
13th Floor
San Francisco,
California 94105 USA

Mr. Sosefo Mailangi
OFX Account Manager
Partnerships and Enterprise
Phone: 1.415.715.9787

Banks usually charge high margins on international wire transfers. OFX offers reduced rates for wire transfers and are almost always below bank rates. The OFX system allows customers to purchase currencies when they may be most favorable and schedule them for payment when desired. A number of GTO Member companies are now using the services of OFX to wire transfer funds to most parts of the world with reports of excellent results. Interested members of the GTO Network should contact Mr Jason Kumpf to begin the process of enrolling in this program.

More general information concerning OFX is available on following links:



Canada Only – Wholesale Air Freight Rates To / From Points in Canada

218 – 6901 72 ND Street
Delta, British Columbia
V40 0A2 Canada

Mr. Darrell Keen
Regional Director / AMI / Canada

Canada is a country actively involved in the manufacture of products involving the automotive pharmaceutical and tech industries as well as many others. Air freight is moving non-stop from Canada to points worldwide but also from points worldwide to Canada.

AMI Canada is in a position to assist all GTO Members moving air freight from or to points in Canada by providing access to excellent wholesale rates on a neutral basis.